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Vespa Hair Design Studio is a relaxing Ottawa hair salon located in the Capital city’s downtown core. We are always on the lookout for highly skilled new and experienced Ottawa hairstylist talent. If you enjoy a low-key, intimate salon atmosphere and you like to form long-term relationships with your salon and your clientele, we would like to hear from you.


Our Values

With a focus on technical proficiency, ongoing training, and styles with a contemporary edge, Vespa Hair Design provides a professional, soothing and relaxing environment for professionals, entrepreneurs and public servants. We provide our stylists with ongoing training in current cutting/colour techniques and Davines hair products.

Your Values

The ideal stylist for Vespa Hair Design is mature, professional, punctual, detail-oriented, and capable of providing an excellent client experience to professional clientele. You should enjoy working as part of an intimate team focused on mutual support, and should share our commitment to hair products that promote the health and safety of the environment and of clients.

Employment Benefits

You will receive ongoing training and guidance from one of the city’s most skilled stylists, colourists, and hair educators – Michael Vespa . In addition to in-house and on-course training, we offer an excellent starting salary plus commissions, health and dental benefits, advertising support, and salon benefits such as use of style and colour services, as well as generous discounts on products.

Please apply in person at 338 Somerset Street West (between Bank and Metcalfe). No phone calls, please.

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