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Davines Hair Products: Beauty & Sustainability

Davines logoWe use, recommend and carry the Davines line of hair products, which includes natural hair products, organic hair products, sulphate free shampoo, clairying shampoo, natural hair conditioner, organic hair products, and more.

Through Davines we are able to provide our clients with the highest quality of professional hair care products in harmony with our commitment to caring for the environment.

Davines posterAfter personally visiting Davines headquarters in Italy, Michael was thoroughly impressed with the development and production of Davines hair products, as well as the philosophy and values behind the company.

In addition to being made with natural ingredients using a sustainable manufacturing process, much of Davines’ product packaging is biodegradable.

For more information about Davines, its philosophy and products, please visit the company’s website, or book an appointment with us:

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