Our Standards

It is our mission to help people feel great by providing an outstanding combination of professional hair services, tailored guest care, and a healthy, supportive workplace. Vespa Hair Design Standards help us achieve those goals.

Service Standards

We strive to consistently achieve our high standard of service and invite staff and guests to give us feedback on how we are performing:

  • Every guest receives a warm greeting.
  • Every appointment begins with a consultation. This is true whether the guest is new or returning, because self-image is a dynamic and evolving process.
  • Every service includes a relaxing shampoo and conditioning, and the offer of a beverage.
  • During the service, we allow the guest to guide the conversation and we regularly check in to ensure their comfort and answer questions.
  • Each appointment concludes with styling tips and product recommendations suited to the guest’s hair type, style preferences, and other needs.
  • On leaving, every guest is offered to pre-book their next appointment and is invited to contact us between appointments if concerns or questions arise.
  • Every guest steps back into the street feeling ready for the next phase of their day, refreshed and renewed.

Product Standards

We recommend and sell only high-quality products that we ourselves use and trust, and which meet our principles of performance and sustainability.


We favour products with the strictest standards of health and safety for people and the environment. This includes Davines products, which use natural-origin and organic ingredients, sustainable farming and manufacturing methods, biodegradable packaging wherever possible, and are never tested on animals. 


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